Sanctum Blog – 14 July 2020

Best area to stay in Bangalore.

Bangalore attracts visitors from all over the world for a variety of reasons including engineering, medicine, technology, startups, leisure, sports, training, music, software development among many others.
You may be visiting just for a few days or even might be moving to settle down for good.
Depending on the purpose of your visit, you should select the area to stay accordingly after doing thorough research and planning.

If you are travelling for a short duration of up to a few weeks for a specific purpose, you should definitely pick a hotel or serviced apartment that is close to your place of work.
This will help you save time by avoiding traffic and give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful city.

Most technology companies have their offices in office parks which are located in a few areas spread across the city including Whitefield, Maratahalli-Bellandur-Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Electronic City and Nagawara, among others.

Maratahalli-Bellandur-Sarjapur Outer Ring Road

The Maratahalli-Bellandur-Sarjapur Outer Ring Road area is a mega office suburb located at the eastern end of the city. Packed with a variety of technology, finance and other multi-national companies with massive Grade A office buildings located inside tech parks on the main roads and multiple residential high rises in the interiors which mainly caters to the housing needs of the huge workforce of these companies.
The area is a fully self-sufficient urban suburb with it’s fair share of hotels, restaurants, and malls and multiplexes. The only bane of this area is the poor civic infrastructure.
Notoriously slow moving traffic, poor pedestrian facilities and water tankers are a common sight here. The BMRCL has envisaged bringing a metro rail line which will connect this entire stretch but this will take a few years to materialize and so it is advisable to stay as close to your workplace as possible, preferable at walking distance!


Whitefield is an old Anglo-Indian suburb of Bangalore with colonial bungalows and an old world charm which is now beautifully intertwined with it’s modern, high tech side.
Whitefield is home to several large corporations like TCS, SAP, Accenture, Huawei, Capgemini, TESCO, Novo Nordisk, Technicolor and Reliance Jio among many others. ITPL (International Tech Park Limited) which happens to be Bangalore’s oldest tech park is located in Whitefield. Also prominent in the area is the presence of some glitzy malls like Phoenix Marketcity, VR and Forum. Bang in the center of Whitefield is a large gated community called Prestige Shantiniketan which houses a mall, multiplex, 3000 apartments, a hotel and Grade-A office buildings.
The area will be connected by a metro train line as early as June 2021, with work in the final stages of completion. Several restaurants, bars and fast-food outlets make this one of Bangalore’s ideal micro-markets for the modern urban Indian!