Fun things to do in and around New BEL Road Bangalore!

OK lets face it, our part of town is not as “happening” as Indiranagar or Koramangala. That’s partly because ours is the older and more organized part of Bangalore. The benefits are many: Fewer choked and chaotic roads, less unplanned development, lesser noise pollution, more spacious roads, more trees. And all this equals more greenery, better quality of air and lesser traffic.
But there’s also a downside: where do we hang out?
While we don’t have as many places to chill at as the other part of town, here we list a few interesting places to visit and have a good time in and around The Sanctum Suites Apartment Hotel in New BEL Road, Bangalore.
Restaurants in New BEL Road
Our favourites:
Chinese Cuisine: Hunan, Chung Wah, Chowmein
Indian Cuisine: Neel
Continental: Café Rossini, Freskka
Mexican: The Heat
American Fast Food: Truffles
Andhra Food: Nandini, Nandhana Palace
Street Food around New BEL Road
Thanks to the buzzing hoards of students living in and around the MS Ramaiah colleges, there are several nice places that serve delicious street food at very affordable prices. Our reccomendations:
Eggstacy – Famous for its rolls, parathas and noodles!
Roadside momos (dumplings): There are several roadside vendors you will find selling these hot and yum vegetable/chicken dumplings. Whether you like them steamed or fried depends on you! We suggest: go for the veg steamed ones - perfectly healthy and tasty!
Paratha Plaza– These guys have really got their parathas right! A typical quick bite outlet on Sanjaynagar main road. 
Kargreens – An airy terrace setting. They serve hookah along with quick bites. The cold coffee here is really good!

South Indian food in Malleshwaram

Malleshwaram is even older than the RMV area, probably the oldest area of Bangalore after Jayanagar. This neighbourhood used to be quiet and green, with plenty of local restaurants serving traditional South Indian cuisine. While the quietude and green cover is fast depleting, it still remains a food lover’s paradise.

Veena Stores – A line my good friend never fails to repeat, and I quote – “This place is an institution”. Housed in all of 8X12 square feet of space on 15th Cross, Margosa Road, they serve the best idlis and vadas in town. Steaming hot and served with extra coconut chutney, the idlis literally melt in your mouth. Patrons also swear by the puliogare, filter coffee and badam milk. If you’re a foodie, don’t leave Bangalore without trying this place!
Down the road from Veena Stores on 15th Cross is Adiga’s. Albeit not an “institution” this place is also wonderful for the perfect south indian fast food experience. Stand and eat – the dosas are to die for and they have a wide variety of them. Our reccomendations being: Plain/Masala or the Set Dosa. Good filter coffee and bisi bele baath as well. Don’t try the other cuisines though, they’re nothing great!
Watering Holes  - Bars and Gastropubs
Gilly’s Restobar – Walking distance from our property, this is a nice little terrace place on the MS Ramaiah junction with a decent ambience and very reasonably priced drinks.
High- This place is on the top floor of the World Trade Center inside the Brigade Gateway campus, about 4 km away. Stunning views and a great breeze. It’s a bit pricey, but worth the experience.
District 6 – Microbrewery
This place is also located inside Brigade Gateway campus. It’s got a good range of nicely brewed beers and a great earthy ambience, with outdoor seating as well. Highly recommended if you want to stay in the vicinity and not make the long journey downtown in Bengaluru’s maddening traffic!
U4IA– Walking distance if you’re staying around BEL Road, and light on the pocket. Ask for a table on the terrace!

Thanks and we hope this list helps you have a good time in Bangalore!
Pradyumn Mohta, The Sanctum Suites Bengaluru